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Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service

If you’ve ever replaced your tyres, then you’ll know what a locking wheel nut is. Luckily for you, at Mobile Tyres Hertfordshire, we are more than well-equipped to cater to your needs, no matter what they might be.

We are confidently able to offer a wide range of professional services. From our mobile tyre fitting service to our locking wheel nut removal service, our experts are on hand 24/7 to provide you with the help you need. 

What exactly are Locking wheel nuts?

A locking wheel nut is used to keep your alloys and tyres secure. The use of these is employed to prevent the potential theft or robbery of your car’s tyres.

We know that tyres aren’t the cheapest replacement, so we completely understand why you would want to keep them safe.

Normally, each wheel for your car will have a locking wheel nut. So in total, there are usually four contained in a standard vehicle, one per tyre.  

Just like a normal lock, the locking wheel nuts found on your car will require the correct key to be opened. Every single car produced these days will come with its own unique set of locking wheel nuts as well as a key to match.

For this reason, it is highly important to save and store the key in a safe place; as you never know when you’re going to need it.

Locking wheel nut removal service

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If you’re still unsure about whether our 24 hour emergency tyre repair service is for you, just give our team a call today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and queries you may have.

Why do I need my Locking wheel nuts removed?

If you’re a person who likes to change your own tyres, then you’ll certainly need to be able to open the locking wheel nuts located on your car. If for any reason, you have damaged or misplaced the key, then you might need a special set of tools to break or remove the nut.

This process will often depend on the type of car, and make/model you are driving. Don’t forget that each car is provided with a unique key, so it’s best not to take matters into your own hands. It might end up costing you a lot more than you expected.

At Mobile Tyres Hertfordshire, we are more than well-equipped with all the necessary tools to make the removal process as easy as possible – with no potential damage whatsoever.

We are yet to encounter a locking wheel nut that we can’t remove. For this reason, we can guarantee to resolve your issues in a quick yet efficient manner.  

Our experts are not only trained to give you an excellent level of customer service, but we can confidently provide you with a removal service that won’t scratch or damage your wheels/alloys.

If you still need some information regarding our superb locking wheel nut removal service, then just feel free to get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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